Issue: Aloware is not working

In resolving Aloware issues pertaining to updating, installing, or connectivity, you can try the steps below as a start, then reach us at if all else fails.

Check your Aloware Status

  • The first step to knowing if there is something wrong is to check your Aloware status.

  • Go to to know if there are issues in the web app, API, or other incidents at the moment

  • If you find everything in green, it is all good.

  • Red lines show that there is something wrong. Don't fret. Just report to your Admin and reach out to us at, and our friendly representatives will assist you.

Enable Third-Party Cookies

If you experience issues when using Aloware functions, your Chrome's third-party cookies might be disabled. You should add Aloware domains as exceptions to Chrome's 3rd Party Cookie Settings.

  • Open Chrome, click on the three-dot menu, and select Settings.

  • Type "third" in the search bar, and select "Cookies and other site data"

  • By default, third-party cookies are blocked, as the blue circle indicates

  • You can manage to include trusted sites to allow third-party cookies, Aloware.

  • In the "Sites that can always use the cookies" section, add

  • Make sure to select the checkbox and click the Add button

  • Once added, you can see the Aloware domain added to the site

  • To confirm, refresh your Aloware browser tab.

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