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Filtering data improves analysis because rows that match the filter criteria will be visible. It removes unnecessary data and provides relevant and valuable information to the user.

Screenshot of Filtering options in Aloware Dashboard

Filtering Call Data: Answered Status

Users can filter more data points based on Answered status. To do this,

  • Navigate to the Dashboard menu

  • Click the Filters tab

  • Select the Answer Status under Handling filter options

    • Answered - all communications are connected and completed. The following statuses display successfully answered statuses from Aloware Dashboard:

      • Completed Inbound Call

      • Completed Outbound Call

      • Completed Inbound SMS

    • Missed Calls - all calls that were missed

    • Abandoned Calls - calls that were abandoned.

    • Voicemail - all calls that were connected to a voicemail

    • In progress - the call has been connected, and the connection is currently active

    • Failed - the call cannot connect or contact may not be reached

      • Failed Outbound SMS

      • Failed Inbound Call

      • Failed Outbound Call

      • Failed Outbound Fax

    • Queued - the call is currently on the queue

    • Hold - the call is currently on hold

    • Dead End - all calls that were terminated without connecting to any agents or users

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