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What is HubSpot Custom Field Mapping?

Custom field mapping helps users to customize HubSpot fields and map them out to Aloware. You can create as many fields in Aloware, then specify the data type and synchronize them.


  • Make sure that your Aloware account is connected to your HubSpot account

  • Only Admins can set the HubSpot mapping fields

How to Set HubSpot Mapping Fields in Aloware

Aloware supports custom field mapping for each account in HubSpot integration. This allows you to customize HubSpot records to any Aloware fields.

To do this,

  • In your Aloware Admin account, navigate to the Integrations menu

  • Go to HubSpot card, and click Settings

  • In the HubSpot Integration Settings page, navigate to the Contact Property Mapping section.

  • Under the Default Fields section, toggle on the Enable Editing switch

    πŸ“ Note - Enable editing switch is off whenever the user accesses the integration page. Enabling this switch will allow the admin to change the mappings.

  • Default fields section

    • The default contact property with a lock icon is disabled for modifications

      • Aloware > HubSpot

        • Phone Number > Phone Number

        • Contact Disposition Status > Lead Status

        • Email > Email

πŸ“ Note - A field type helper in the contact field selection box is set when you create a field in HubSpot. HubSpot does not accept incompatible value types.

It will not accept the value "Hello" if the field type is a "number."

  • Adding the Contact Property fields

    • Click the Add Mapping button to add more default fields

      • Here is the list of Aloware and HubSpot contact fields that you can map out:



Last Name

Facebook Ads Properties

Date of Birth

Contact Information


Twitter Username


Deal Information


Contact Activity

Company Name

Email Information

Incoming Number

Conversion information

Lead Source

Sale Properties

Custom Field 1

Web Analytics History

Custom Field 2

TCPA Approved

HubSpot Owner

Zip code


  • In this example, select the default fields and click the Save button:

    • For Aloware - select Lead Source

  • For HubSpot - select Competitor Lead Source

    πŸ“ Note - Admins are not allowed to map an Aloware or HubSpot contact field many times. The contact field is disabled if it's already mapped.


  • In your Aloware account, click the Pull Contacts button to sync contact information from HubSpot to Aloware.

  • To verify if the mapped-out fields are working.

    • Select a contact with a Competitor Lead Source data in HubSpot

    • Search the contact in Aloware through the contact number or contact name

    • Click the contact name to open the contact information profile

    • Navigate to the contact information section

    • Your mapped-out field should display here

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