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What is the Reporter's Role?

Admins can assign users with reporter access which is intended for Analysts, that can

  • View the reports and

  • Cannot interact with or call the contacts

Screenshot of Reporter's Dashboard


  • Admins can only assign an existing Aloware user

How to Assign the Reporter Role

  • Navigate to the User's menu

  • Search for the user to assign as a Reporter

  • Click the Settings button.

  • Go to the Visibility Settings and enable Reporter Access.

What happens to the User with Reporter Access only?

  • Reporter access prioritizes reports and analytics, which is why it has limited access in Aloware.

    • Dashboard - displays communication logs with limited Operations.

    • Lines - displays all active Aloware Lines in your account.

    • Users - displays the list of Users.

    • Contacts - displays all your contact details without the communication functions to interact with contacts.

    • Lists - displays the active Lists in your account.

    • Reports - provides all necessary information related to the user's performance, account usage, etc.

      • Lines

      • Ring Groups

      • Users

      • Sequences

      • Broadcasts

      • Contacts

      • Call Dispositions

      • Contact Dispositions

      • Compliance

        To know more about the Reports metrics, read the Reports and Analytics article.

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