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HubSpot Workflow and Aloware Power Dialer

You can automate your business workflow as a HubSpot user using triggers and actions. You can define criteria for enrolling contacts and taking action based on their properties.

Admins can create a list of contacts to engage in with Aloware Power Dialer integration to HubSpot, allowing agents to focus on what they are expected to do: convert leads to sales.

In this article, you will learn

  • how to enroll and assign your contacts to a selected user

  • create a task list and use the Aloware Power Dialer feature

  • complete the task in Aloware Power Dialer


  • Only applies to HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional Enterprise, Sales Hub Professional Enterprise, Service Hub Professional Enterprise, Operations Hub Professional Enterprise.

How to Add Tasks in HubSpot with Aloware Power Dialer

  • Step 1: Create your Workflow

    • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation

    • Select Workflows

    • Name your workflow

    • Select Contact-based > Blank Workflow

    • Click the Next button

    • The Workflow is set to Contact Enrollment Trigger

      • This trigger enrolls contacts in the workflow

      • Click the "+" button to add the Workflow Actions

      • Then, the Choose An Action side panel displays

      • From the Available Actions tab > navigate to Record Management

      • Select Create Task

      • Create Task side panel displays

      • Set the following properties in your Create Task:

        • Title - click the Contact Token and select Contact Owner

        • Due Date - Select between Immediately or to Set a Date

        • Email Reminder

        • Notes - Short description of the task

        • Type - Call

        • Associate with Records

          • All associated company records

          • All associated deal records

          • All associated ticket records

        • Add to shared task queue - None

        • Priority - Select from Low, Medium, High, or None

        • Assign task to - Select from the list of users

        • Which contact owner - Select the contact owner

  • Then, click the Save button

Here's what your workflow should look like:

  • Step 2: Create a Task List

    • (Optional) You can check your list of owned contacts in the My Contacts Tab

    • Navigate to the Contacts tab

    • Check if you have the list of contacts assigned to you

    • Navigate to Sales > Tasks

    • Click the Create Task from the Tasks Board

    • Set the following properties:

      • Title - Name your tasks that are easily understood

      • Type - Set this to Call

      • Priority - Medium or High

      • Associated with Records - You can search contacts or properties to assign

      • Assigned to - Assign the user or agent to handle the tasks

      • Queue - None

      • Due Date - Set the duration of the task

    • Click Create

    • The task created is displayed on the Task board

  • Step 3: Start Tasks with Aloware Power Dialer

    • Click the Start Task button

    • Contact displays on the screen > Click Call

      • Make sure that your Calling Provider is set to Aloware

    • Set the Line to use, and click the Call button

    • Assign the Call and Contact Dispositions, and click the Complete button once done

    • Click the Next button to proceed to the next Contact

    Here's how the call proceeds:

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