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Automating HubSpot Workflow with Aloware Power Dialer
Automating HubSpot Workflow with Aloware Power Dialer

Power Dialer integrates with HubSpot to help agents convert leads. This article is about Adding Tasks in HubSpot using Aloware Power Dialer.

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If you're a HubSpot user, you have the ability to automate your business workflow by utilizing triggers and actions. These triggers and actions allow you to define criteria for enrolling contacts and taking specific actions based on their properties.

To streamline your processes and empower your agents to focus on converting leads to sales, HubSpot integrates seamlessly with Aloware Power Dialer. This article will guide you through the process of adding tasks to your HubSpot account using the Aloware Power Dialer feature.

In this article, you will learn

  • how to enroll and assign your contacts to a selected user

  • create a task list and use the Aloware Power Dialer feature

  • complete the task in Aloware Power Dialer


  • Only applies to HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional Enterprise, Sales Hub Professional Enterprise, Service Hub Professional Enterprise, Operations Hub Professional Enterprise.

How to Add Tasks in HubSpot with Aloware Power Dialer

  • Step 1: Create your Workflow

    • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation, select Workflows.

    • Name your workflow.

    • Select Contact-based > Blank Workflow > Click the Next button.

    • The Workflow is set to Contact Enrollment Trigger.

      • This trigger enrolls contacts in the workflow

      • Click the "+" button to add the Workflow Actions

      • Then, the "Choose An Action" side panel appears.

      • From the "Available Actions" tab > navigate to Record Management and select "Create Task".

      • The "Create Task" side panel appears.

      • Set the following properties in your Create Task:

        • Title - Click the Contact Token and select "Contact Owner".

        • Due Date - Select between Immediately or to Set a Date.

        • Email Reminder

        • Notes - Provide a short description of the task.

        • Type - Set it as "Call".

        • Associate with Records

          • All associated company records

          • All associated deal records

          • All associated ticket records

        • Add to shared task queue - None

        • Priority - Select from Low, Medium, High, or None.

        • Assign task to - Select from the list of users.

        • Which contact owner - Select the contact owner.

  • Then, click the Save button to save your workflow.

Here's what your workflow should look like:

  • Step 2: Create a Task List

    • (Optional) You can check your list of owned contacts in the My Contacts Tab.

      • Navigate to the Contacts tab if you have the assigned contacts.

    • To create task, follow these steps:

      • Navigate to Sales > Tasks.

      • Click the Create Task from the Tasks Board.

      • Set the following properties:

        • Title - Give your task a clear and easily understandable name.

        • Type - Set it as "Call".

        • Priority - Select either Medium or High.

        • Associated with Records - Search for contacts or properties to assign.

        • Assigned to - Select the user or agent responsible for handling the task.

        • Queue - None

        • Due Date - Set the duration for completing the task.

    • Click Create to save the task.

    • The task created is displayed on the Task board.

  • Step 3: Start Tasks with Aloware Power Dialer

    • Click the Start Task button.

    • The contact details will appear on the screen. Click Call.

      • Make sure that your Calling Provider is set to Aloware.

    • Set the Line to use, and click the Call button.

    • Once the call is complete, set the Call and Contact Dispositions.

    • Click the Next button to proceed to the next contact.

    Here's how the call proceeds:

    By incorporating Aloware Power Dialer into your HubSpot workflow, you can enhance your business automation and streamline your tasks, enabling you to effectively engage with your contacts and convert leads into sales.

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