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For admins, read this article to learn how admins build lists in Aloware Talk.

How to Add a Task in Power Dialer

Contacts in the power dialer are called tasks.

There are three (3) ways to add tasks through the lists in Power Dialer:

  • Create from Existing Contact List

  • Create a new list and select contacts

  • Import from HubSpot

To begin,

  • Click the Power Dialer menu on the left-side panel.

  • In the Power Dialer Lists section, click the + sign to add a list.

  • Select from the options to add tasks

Create from Existing Contact List

  • It allows you to select contacts from the available lists

  • To do this,

    • Select from the list, then click Create

      • Set your settings from the Power Dialer Options, then click OK

    • Conversion Options

      • Turn multiple numbers into separate tasks

        • Any non-primary numbers of contact will be turned into separate tasks

      • Prevent duplicate phone numbers

        • By default, all contacts with the same numbers will not be added again

      • Add international phone numbers

    • Where do you want to add these tasks?

      • In queue - default option

      • Scheduled - if you want to all these contacts at a later time

  • The contacts in your list should display under the Power Dialer Lists section

Create new lists and select contacts

  • Click the Power Dialer button on the left-side panel

  • On the Power Dialer Lists, click the + button

  • Select Lists

  • Select Create New Lists and select Contacts

  • Name your list and click the create button.

  • Click the Add Contacts button and pick Select Contacts and Add to List.

  • From the list of your contacts, tick the box to select the contacts and click Add Selected Contacts.

  • Set your settings from the Power Dialer Task Options and click OK

  • Contacts are successfully added to the list.

Import from HubSpot

  • This allows users to create a list of contacts from HubSpot

  • To do this,

    • Navigate to the power dialer menu

    • Click the + button in the power dialer list section

    • Select Import from HubSpot

    • Select from the available HubSpot list field

    • Click Next

    • Set your Power Dialer options

    • Your contacts may take a while to load, but they will successfully display in your power dialer interface.

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