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What is Company Inbox Filter?

Admins define Company-wide Filters in Aloware Admin for all Agents (in Aloware Talk). Agents can use the predefined filters from the Inbox filter in Aloware Talk.

Screenshot of Inbox Filter


Only admins can create company-wide inbox filters

How to Create Company Filters

Admin defines the filters which are considered as Company filters.

  • In your Aloware Classic account, navigate to the Accounts menu

  • Go to the Inbox Settings tab

  • Click the Create Filter button.

  • Define the properties in the Inbox Filter fields:

    • Filter name - Assign a name for your filter

    • Under Quick Access, assign the following details:

      • Quick Access

        • Time

        • My Contacts

        • Lines

        • Handling

          • Direction - Inbound or Outbound

      • Properties

        • Tags

        • Enabling options to

          • Show Only First-time Communications

          • Show Only Untagged Communications

          • Exclude Communication Sent From Sequences

          • Creator Type Workflow

      • Attribution

        • Line Phone Numbers

        • Sequences

        • Contact Owners

  • Then, click the Save as New button.


  • Your newly created filter displays in the Inbox Filter dashboard

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