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Personal Filters let you filter messages, voicemails, recordings, and calls. This article talks about Creating Personal Inbox Filters.

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As an agent, you can define your own filter to narrow down the properties that qualify your contacts and save them under the Personal Filter section. You can apply this to filter your calls, messages, voicemails, and recordings.

Different Types of Inbox Filters

There are two (2) types of Inbox filters in Aloware Talk:

  • Personal Filter

    • Agents can set their filters

  • Company Filter

    • Admins define company-wide filters for all Agents in Aloware Admin.

How to Create Personal Inbox Filters

  • You can use the filter in every Inbox Status

  • In the Inbox menu, click the Filter icon

  • The Inbox Filter Wizard will display to define your settings

    • Name - you can set your filter name in a separate pop-up display

    • Quick Access

      • Last Engagement Date - you can filter contacts based on the most recent engagement i.e., the last message sent or call made

      • Lines - filter your contacts based on the Line used

      • Ring Groups - filter your contacts based on the Ring Groups the contact is enrolled

    • Handling

      • Direction

        • Inbound

        • Outbound

      • Answer Status - filter contacts by answer status

        • Live

        • Answered

        • Unanswered

        • Missed

        • Abandoned

        • Voicemail

        • In Progress

        • Failed

        • Queued

        • Hold

        • Dead-end

      • Talk Time - filter talk time from 15 seconds to 5 minutes

      • Transfer Type

        • Cold

        • Warm

        • Conference

      • Callback Status

        • Initiated

        • Requested

    • Properties

      • Tags

      • Call Disposition

      • Enabling options to

        • Show Only First-time Communications

        • Show Only Untagged Communications

        • Exclude Communication Sent From Sequences

        • Creator Type Workflow

    • Attribution

      • Line Phone Numbers - filter based on the available line phone numbers

      • Communication Owners - filter based on the communication owner

        • For outbound communication (calls, SMS, fax, and emails)

          • The agent or user that sent the communication

        • For inbound communication

          • Calls - the agent that answered the call

          • SMS, Fax, and Email - the most recently assigned contact owner owns all the inbound communications

      • Sequences - filters the contacts based on the sequence they are enrolled in

      • Contact Owners - filters contacts based on the agent assigned

  • Then, click Save as New button to name your filter.

  • Click the Create button to save your filter.


  • You can see your newly created personal filter in the left-side panel of Inbox Filter.

  • Click the Apply button, and your filter settings will narrow your data.

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