How to Send Multiple Files in Aloware Talk

Aloware supports sending different data types. Here's how...

  • The Communications dashboard is the default view on your Aloware Talk account

  • The list of contacts in the Inbox Task Management panel displays

    • Contacts display when selecting the calls, messages, and contacts menu

  • Once you select a contact through search or browsing, the contact's communication history displays on the screen

    πŸ“ Note - Contact is selected through a search

  • In the message box, click the clip icon

  • You can drop files or browse the file location.

  • Select multiple files and click open

    πŸ“ Note - Aloware allows a 5MB file size limit for images and below 600KB for other file types.

  • Click the Send Text button once files are uploaded


  • Images are sent with user details and time stamp

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