Aloware Talk Basics

Are you new to Aloware Talk? Aimed at agents, it offers features for customer engagement. This article focuses on the Aloware Talk Basics.

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What is Aloware Talk?

Aloware Talk is the newest software version designed for agents. Agents enjoy an easy-to-use interface and a powerful, customizable task management system. Here are the Aloware Talk basics to get you started.

Make Outbound Calls

There are various ways you can make outbound calls in Aloware Talk. You can call your contacts via:

  • Communications Menu

  • Contacts Menu

  • Power Dialer

Answer Inbound Calls

Another critical feature of Aloware Talk is answering an inbound call. Managing calls helps you engage leads, support clients, and stay in touch as part of the business flow. You can answer calls via:

  • Pop-up Notifications

  • Communication Section

Receive Text (SMS) Messages

Aloware Talk also lets you receive text (SMS) messages. You get a push notification when you receive an incoming message or call. You receive a badge notification if you haven't read a message or answered a call.

Other Contact Engagement Features

Customer engagement is essential because it is a driving force in customer behavior. Engaging customers is necessary to form more profitable relationships. Aloware Talk provides a range of tools to drive customer value.

  • Schedule Appointments

  • Enroll to Sequence

  • Send Emails

  • Add Notes

Aloware Talk's Other Menu Buttons

  • Aloware Classic button - Allows you to switch to Aloware Admin.

  • ? button - Find your service code and role, and access customer service and setup guides.

  • Microphone button - Shows new Aloware product updates.

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