Setting up Aloware Custom Contact Fields
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Custom Contact Fields

Every Aloware contact has default fields. Standard fields contain basic info like first name, last name, and company name. But, every business is unique and you might need other significant data.

The solution is to use custom contact fields. You can add fields and map them out to sync in HubSpot.


  • Only admins can add, edit or delete the custom contact fields in Aloware

How to Setup Aloware Custom Contact Fields

  • In your Aloware Admin account, navigate to the Account menu

  • Go to the Contact Custom Fields tab

  • Click the Add New button or the Add New Custom Field button

  • Complete the details

    • Name - provide a name to your custom field

    • Key - only lowercase characters, numbers, and underscores are allowed. Example: "middle_name"

    • Description - provide a description of the field

  • Click the Save button to successfully add your custom contact field


There are different ways to know if your new custom is already added to Aloware.

  • Custom Contact Fields Dashboard

    • Once you saved the custom contact field details, it displays in the dashboard

  • Contact

    • Navigate to the Contacts menu and select a contact

    • Go to the About this Contact section and navigate toward the custom contact field

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