Anytime you have a notification on Aloware, a message appears on your screen accompanied by an alert sound. Google Chrome usually enables this by default, and you can change this setting anytime you want. However, you might need to allow notifications for Google Chrome on Windows.

How to Enable Google Chrome Notifications on PC (Windows 10 and Windows 11)

  1. Click Start and select Settings.

  2. Select System, then Notifications and actions.

  3. Under Get notifications from these senders, turn on Google Chrome.

How to Allow Aloware Browser App to Send Notifications to Desktop

  1. Open Chrome on your computer.

  2. At the top right of the window, click More -> Settings.

  3. On Settings, go to Privacy and security -> Site Settings.

  4. Under Permissions, select Notifications.

  5. Under Allowed to send notifications, click Add.

  6. Enter https://app.aloware.com:443, and click Add.

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