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What is A Contact Owner?

The Contact owner field indicates the agent responsible for the contact. It can be either you or a team member. Assigning contact owners is a great way to segregate ownership of contacts.

You can usually determine contact ownership when adding contacts via:

  • importing

  • integrating

  • manually adding

Admin can change the Contact Owner in the Contacts Profile. Each contact can have only one owner in Aloware.

Updating Contact Owner

  1. You can log in to your Aloware account.

  2. Go to Contacts.

  3. You can select a contact.

  4. Under About this contact, you can choose an Owner.

Focus Mode

Now that you set the contact owner, you can finally use Focus mode to filter out contacts. Focus mode allows you to see only contacts assigned to you, including phone calls and text messages. It keeps you from seeing the activities of the team.

Visibility Settings

By default, users will see all communications from contacts they have access. Yet, Visibility Settings allow the admin to manage users' access according to their roles and permissions.

You can look at the User Contact Visibility page for more information.

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