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Understanding Contact Ownership in Aloware Talk
Understanding Contact Ownership in Aloware Talk
The Contact owner field indicates the agent responsible for the contact. This article talks about Contact Owners.
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What is a Contact Owner?

The "contact owner" refers to the agent or user who is responsible for managing the contact. The contact owner ensures that contacts are effectively managed and followed up on. Assigning a contact owner can help in nurturing the contact engagement, such as making phone calls, sending emails, updating contact information, and tracking interactions.

It is worth noting that "contact owner" may be determined when adding contacts via:

  • importing

  • integrating

  • manually adding

Admin can change the Contact Owner in the contacts profile. Each contact can have only one owner in Aloware.

Contact owner in Aloware Talk

How do "Contact Owners" filter their Contacts

Users in Aloware can filter their contacts by toggling the My Contacts button in Aloware Talk.

  1. My Contacts in Aloware Talk (Users or Agents)

    • Users ca use the "My Contacts" filter option. This allows them to view and manage only the contacts that are assigned to them, providing a streamlined view of their specific contacts and their related interactions.

How to Set Contact Owners by Default

By default, users will see all communications from contacts they have access. Yet, Visibility Settings allow the admin to manage users' access according to their roles and permissions.

You can look at the User Contact Visibility page for more information.

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