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Account Menu

The Account menu allows you to configure Aloware universal features. This article provides you the information on how these changes affect your account.


  • Only admins can access the Account menu in Aloware Admin

Accounts Menu Tabs

  • General Settings

    • You can change your account name, set timezone, and broadcast setting preferences

  • Transcription Settings

    • You can enable or disable transcription settings, customize the dictionary, and set keywords.

    • Read more about Smart Transcription

  • Contact Settings

    • You can change the preferences for appointments, leads, and new lead recipients.

  • Calling Settings

    • Your users can configure call settings for incoming, outgoing, and wrap-up calls.

  • Inbox Settings

    • You can create company-wide inbox filters intended for your calls, recordings, and messages.

    • Learn how Company-Wide Inbox Filters work in this guide.

  • Power Dialer Settings

    • Define the parameters for your power dialer line, triggers, and sessions.

  • Reporting Settings

    • Make sure to set your default report period, activity, and duration.

  • Compliance

    • The Compliance tab is where you apply your business lines to help you avoid spam.

    • Read this guide to learn more about compliance requirements.

  • Contact Dispositions

    • Create a contact disposition that is specific to your business needs.

    • Read more about customizing your contact dispositions

  • Call Dispositions

    • Configure your call dispositions.

    • Understand how to customize your call dispositions in this article.

  • Lead Sources

    • Add fields to identify your lead sources

  • Usage

    • Know what's included in your plan

    • Read more details about usage in this article.

  • International Pricing

    • Know the call rates of supported countries

  • Imports

    • You can import contacts from this section and display the entire record list of imports

  • Exports

    • Logs all the exported files

  • Scripts

    • You can create user scripts for the team

  • SMS Templates

    • Add templates for sending SMS

  • Shortened URLs

    • Setup your URLs to use in sending SMS or broadcast

    • Read this guide to know more about shortened URLs

  • Custom Contact Fields

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