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Transferring Calls

When you are receiving a lot of calls every day, it is inevitable that you transfer callers from time to time. Call transfer offers a way to make sure that your customer speaks to the right agent, or department to meet their needs.

Aloware Talk's call transfer feature ensures that you will not lose a customer along the way because it lets you send an active call to

  • a user

  • a ring group, or

  • a phone number

Here's how a call transfer works in Aloware Talk:

Transferring a Call to a User

  • When you receive a call, a notification of an inbound call pops up on your screen

  • Click the green call icon to answer the call from the pop-up notification

  • Or click the call icon right beside the contact name

  • The Aloware call screen displays, then click the Transfer button

  • In the Select a User field, select the user or agent you want to transfer the call to

  • Once selected, click the Transfer button. Your call connects to another agent

  • If the agent accepted the transferred call, your call disconnects and wraps up.

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