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Aloware Contacts Manager

Aloware's Contact Manager is a powerful tool containing numerous functionalities. It includes information on every prospect, lead, or customer interaction. On top of that, it houses a contact's vital information, such as company names, phone numbers, and tags.

Contacts Page

The Aloware Talk Contact page displays a list of contacts and relevant details you need. You can view information such as:

  • Contact's Name

  • Phone Number

  • The date and time you added the contact

  • Their last engagement

  • Tags

  • Number of unread missed calls

  • Number of unread voicemails

  • Number of unread messages

  • Available actions you can take to the contact

What's more, you can customize the columns to suit your needs. You can add in whatever columns you want.

Customizing Contact Information Columns

  1. Go to Settings, click the three-dot menu and and click Edit Columns.

  2. Select the columns you need on the left panel of the Manage All Contact Columns window.

  3. As an optional step, you can rearrange the columns to your liking by dragging the items on the Selected Columns panel up and down.

  4. Once satisfied with the columns, click Apply.

  5. You can also reset your view by clicking Reset All Columns.

Search Bar and Filters

Aloware Talk Contact page also has a powerful search bar to help you manage all your records. On top of that, it has an array of filters that would simplify your results.

  • Search Bar

    The search bar lets you look for contacts using their first name, last name, email, and phone number. By default, the list displays contacts based on the most recent engagement. The information shown is in real-time, thus accurate and updated.

    To search, type in at least three characters of any first name, last name, email, or phone number.

  • My Contacts

    One of the most helpful filters on the Aloware Talk Contact page is the My Contacts filter. It filters out all the records you don't own, allowing you to focus and avoid distractions. Just toggle the My Contact switch to filter out or display a contact that doesn't belong to you.

  • Additional Filters

    Besides the My Contacts, you can create a customized filter to give you a better view of the records.

    • Adding a Filter

      1. Click Filters -> Add a Filter.

      2. Select a Contact Property.

      3. Enter the required parameters and click Apply Filter.

      4. You can use AND or OR to improve your filter.

      5. Once satisfied, close the Filters panel and check your results.

      6. To remove the filters, click Reset.


Lists are predefined results that you can access with a single click. It instantly displays results without adding filters and search parameters. You can also create your lists to better suit your needs.

  • Pinned Lists

    Pinned lists are predefined lists that you can use at your disposal. They contain standard filters; these lists are:

    • All Contacts - this list includes all the contacts in Aloware.

    • My Contacts - this list comprises all your assigned contacts in Aloware.

    • Unassigned Contacts - this list consists of all communications with no owners.

    • Unanswered Contacts - this list contains all contacts with unanswered engagements.

    • New Leads - this list includes all new connections.

  • Public Lists

    Public lists are lists of contact that your admin shares with you.

  • My Lists

    My Lists contain all your created lists. Aloware Talk's Contact page allows you to make your lists. On top of that, you can also group your lists into folders to make them more manageable.

    • Creating a List

      1. Under My Lists, click the Add button and select List.

      2. On the New List window, enter your preferred name for the list.

      3. Select what type of list you want.

        1. Dynamic List - filter-based and would automatically update as the contact's properties change.

        2. Static List - you manually select and order your contacts. It doesn't update automatically.

      4. Click Create.

Dynamic List

When you choose Dynamic List:

  1. Go to Filters, and click Add a Filter.

  2. Add all the filters you need, including their parameters.

  3. Once you are satisfied with the results, close the Filters panel.

  4. Click Save.

Static List

When you select Static List:

  1. Click Add Contacts.

  2. Select the contacts you want to add to your lists.

  3. Once you are satisfied with your list, click Add Selected Contacts.

Creating a Folder

  1. Under My List, click Add and select Folder.

  2. Type in your preferred folder name, and hit Enter.

  3. You can create an additional subfolder or a new list inside the Folder.

    1. Choose your Folder and click Settings.

    2. Go to New and click either Folder or List.

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