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Call Waiting

A common feature that enables users to take incoming calls while on an ongoing call is call waiting.

Call waiting will alert you when someone tries to reach you while you are on an active call. Your screen shows a new notification for an incoming call. You can either continue the call or ignore the new inbound call.

How Call Waiting Works in Aloware Talk

Answering the Inbound Call

  • On the user's desktop app screen, a notification for each incoming call appears

    πŸ“ Note - When an incoming call comes to a personal line, the call will be in "call waiting" for a short time instead of directing to voicemail immediately

  • Click the call icon to answer the call

    πŸ“ Note - the call status also displays at the right side of the contact's name in the Inbox panel

Switching between Calls

  • Another notification will appear on the screen when you are on the phone and another call comes in

    πŸ“ Note - you can answer or ignore the call even in the Inbox panel

  • When you click the call icon from the New Inbound Call notification, there are two (2) actions that you can choose:

    • Park Current Call and Connect - put the active call on hold and connect to the new inbound call

      • The current state of both calls is displayed in the Inbox

      • You can click the purple call icon to un-park the call

    • Hang up the Current Call and Connect - disconnects the current call and connect to the new inbound call

Ignoring the Call

  • You can proceed with the current call that you have. Click the red call icon to ignore the call.

  • You can ignore the call in different ways:

    • From the inbox

    • In the dial pad

    • In the notifications above the dial pad

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