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About Custom Contact Fields

Custom fields are the user's preference. You can create your own custom contact fields that are relevant to your needs. You can also use them to map significant data from HubSpot to Aloware.

Read this guide to know how to set up your custom contact fields.


  • Successful HubSpot and Aloware integration. Otherwise, you can read Authenticating HubSpot with Aloware guide

  • Only Admins can add and delete the custom contact fields

  • Make sure you have created your custom contact fields from the Account menu

How to Add the Custom Contact Fields in HubSpot and Aloware Integration

  • Once you have created your custom contact fields, navigate to the Integration menu

  • Select the HubSpot card and click the Settings button

  • Make sure to toggle on Enable Editing in the Contact Property mapping section

  • Under the Custom Fields, click the +Add Mapping button

  • Click the drop-down arrow under the Aloware field, and select from the list of available custom contact field

  • On the right side, select from the list of contact properties in HubSpot

📝Note - Admins are not allowed to map an Aloware or HubSpot contact field many times. The contact field is disabled if it's already mapped.

  • Click the Save button to save the property mappings

  • Your new custom contact fields are added.

How to Delete HubSpot Mapping Fields

To delete the HubSpot mapping fields,

  • Click the trash icon, then

  • Click the Save button

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