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Navigating Dashboard Operations

  1. Move your mouse down to the Communication Logs.

  2. Search for a log, then hover to the right under Operations.

  3. You can select an operation you want

Communication Logs Operations

Describes the responses, calls, and information and reports a communication log.


The Reply operation responds to the contact via text message.


The Callback operation automatically returns the call to the contact.

More Details

This operation gives detailed communication information. It also shows the Report and Archive options.


Available for admins only, this operation archives the communication. A warning message will appear when you click the Archive button. Click OK to proceed with the operation.

Report Issue

This operation lets you report a problem experienced during customer interaction. A Report Issue window will appear when you click the Report Issue button. To report an issue:

  • Pick the Category of the issue you want to report.

  • Provide the details about the subject in the field.

  • Once you're satisfied, you can click Report to submit.

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