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Navigating Lines Operations

Users (Agents) can access only Activity. Admins can access various Lines of operations.

  1. Search for a line, then move your mouse to the right under Operations.

  2. From there, you can select any operation you want.

Agent Operations:


Users (Agents) can access Activity. It shows you the communication done in a Line.

  1. Clicking Activity redirects you to the Lines Communication Logs.

  2. Search for a log, then move your mouse to the right under Operations.

  3. You can select an operation you want.


This operation shows you the Lines settings.

  • Default Caller ID - selects the phone number as your caller ID. This button will only appear if your Line has two or more phone numbers.

  • Transfer - allows you to move the phone number to another Line.

  • Do not use - lets you deactivate a phone number for outbound calling and texting.

  • Unrent - deletes the phone number. So that you know, this process is irreversible. You will lose the phone number forever.


This operation allows you to stop/activate a Line for a short while.


Duplicate creates a copy of a Line. Just so you know, this action only copies the settings of a Line - it does not copy the phone number. Also, please remember to refresh your page when you've created a duplicate.


Delete allows you to remove the Line altogether.

  1. When you click Delete, a warning message will pop up.

  2. Click OK to continue. Just so you know, when deleting a line, its phone number cannot be re-rented. You can pause a line if you only want to stop using it in the meantime.

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