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Navigating Tags Operations

Admins and Users (Agents) have access to every operation in the Tags menu.

  1. Search for a tag, then move your mouse to the right under Operations.

  2. You can select an operation you want.


This operation shows the list of contacts under a specific Tag. You'll be able to read more about Contacts Operations to learn more.


Split divides a large group of contacts under a specific Tag into smaller groups.

  1. You can select several contacts you want.

  2. Click Save.

Assign Contact

The Assign Contact operation assigns contacts to either a User or Ring Group.

  1. Search and select from the list of Users.

  2. Click Assign.

Add to PowerDialer

Add to PowerDialer adds tasks to the User's PowerDialer.

  1. Search and select from the list of Users.

  2. Select between the Bottom and Top to push contacts.

  3. Click Add Tasks.

Enroll Contacts

This section is where you can enroll contacts in a sequence.

  1. Select the sequence you want the tagged contacts to enroll.

  2. Click +Enroll Contact.


Changes color, renames, and adds a description to your Tags.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow under Color and select a color.

  2. Edit a name under Name.

  3. You can put a description in the box under Description.

  4. Click Save.


Delete allows you to remove the Tag altogether.

  1. When you click Delete, a warning message will pop up.

  2. Click OK to continue.

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