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Aloware Tags allow you to categorize and segment your leads. It helps you identify what is common to them and understand their behavior.

You can better engage with your contacts because you can tag them many times, and enroll them to sequence and broadcast.


  • Only admins can add tags to their Aloware Admin account

How to Add Tags in a Group of Contacts

  • Import Contacts

    • Navigate to the Contacts menu

    • On the upper right side of the screen, click the Import Contacts button

  • Agree with the DNC Agreement

    • Import Wizard displays on the screen

    • Read the DNC Agreement and check the box if you agree with the terms

  • Download the Contacts Template

    • You can download the template in CSV file format and fill in the required field/s

      • Required details

        • Phone numbers

      • Optional

        • First Name

        • Last Name

        • Company name

        • Email Address

        • Date of Birth

        • Notes

        • City

        • State

        • Country

        • Zip Code

        • CSF1

        • CSF2

        • Disposition Status

    • Click the Next Step button

  • Upload CSV

    • The next step requires uploading the CSV file. Click the Upload from Computer button

    • Select the file from your local file destination and click Open

    • Once your file has successfully uploaded, you can select the columns that is necessary for you

    • Then click the Next Step button

  • Review Data

    • Check on the details of your contact if it matches your file

    • Once done, click the Next Step button

  • Settings

    • Assign Contacts in bulk from the existing tags

      • Check the option to Update existing contacts, which allows you to update the contacts based on your recent upload

      • You can select from the available tags in the Tags field

      • You can assign multiple tags to your contacts

    • Assign contacts in bulk with a new tag

      • If you want to tag your contacts to a new tag, you can do so by clicking the +Add Tag button

      • Set your new tag

        • Name - give your tag a cool name that you can easily understand and is relevant

        • Choose a Color

        • Description

    • Click the +Add button, once done

    • A new tag is successfully added. Click the Start Import button to upload your contacts

  • Finish

    • Click the Go to Accounts > Imports button to check your Import status

  • Confirmation

    • You can check the status of your Import from Accounts > Imports

    • Finished indicates that your import is successful and complete

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