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Managing Contacts in Aloware Talk
Adding Contacts in Aloware Talk: A Step-by-Step Guide
Adding Contacts in Aloware Talk: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Contacts page keeps track of prospect, lead, and customer interactions. This article focuses on adding your contacts to Aloware Talk.

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About Contacts

On the Contacts page, you can see all prospects, leads, and customers with whom you have interacted. With Aloware Talk, the connection with the most recent engagement is at the top. It displays the contact's name, phone number, and tags. Plus, it shows the contact owner and last message.

Adding your Contacts to Aloware Talk

  1. To add your contacts, please log in to your Aloware Talk account.

  2. Click on Contacts to access your contact list.

  3. Click Add Contacts and select + Create New Contact.

  4. In the Create Contact window, enter your contact's details.

  5. After completing the form, click Save.

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