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You can sync Aloware and HubSpot one-way or two-way to keep all your customer information in one place. Aloware supports two-way contact sync with HubSpot. The contacts will synchronize between both platforms after you click the Push and Pull Contacts button.

See: Authenticating Hubspot with Aloware

Please note that Aloware strongly recommends adding all Hubspot users to Aloware.

By enabling Don't Update Contact Owners, Aloware will not update contact owners when syncing data. Doing so prevents unwanted updates to the contact owner's data. Aloware cannot manage contact owners that are not on the system.

Enabling Don’t Update Contact Owner Filter

  1. Log in to your Aloware account.

  2. Go to Integrations.

  3. Under Integrations, select Hubspot and click Settings.

  4. Under Filters, enable Don’t update contact owners and click Save.

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