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Managing Your Account in Aloware Admin
Exploring Aloware's Account Menu: Simplifying General Settings
Exploring Aloware's Account Menu: Simplifying General Settings
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In Aloware, the Account menu lets you set important options that affect how you use the program. These settings apply to everyone in your organization, not just you. In this article, we'll focus on Aloware's General Settings in the Account menu and see how they can make your work easier.

General Settings

Admins can set the General settings that apply to all users.

  1. Navigate to Account > General Settings

  2. Name - Set a name for your account.

  3. Timezone - Change your account's timezone.

    Aloware operates in different timezone, and it is important to make sure your account is synced with the right one. This setting affects various Aloware features like broadcasts, sequences, and the power dialer, ensuring they all follow the correct time frame.

  4. Default Homepage - Set your preferred homepage.

    Efficiency is key when using Aloware. Admins can set the default homepage for all users, allowing them to either start their day with the Dashboard or dive directly into their Contacts. This customizations helps users begin their work with the most relevant information at their fingertips.

  5. Private Lines - Control visibility of personal lines.

    Privacy is crucial in any organization. Admins can enable this setting to restrict users from seeing other users' personal lines. This feature ensures that personal lines remain confidential and accessible only to the intended user.

  6. Send long text messages as SMS - Simplify Long Message Handling

    In Aloware, we've simplified the process of sending longer messages. When your messages exceed 160 characters, Aloware automatically converts them into a single MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) message, rather than dividing them into multiple SMS segments. This ensures that your messages maintain their intended format without any interruptions. This feature is applicable to Short Code, Toll-Free, and A2P 10DLC sender types and is accessible in the US and Canada.

  7. Broadcast Settings - Streamline Bulk Messaging

    Efficient communication is vital in any business. Admins can enable Broadcast Settings, which prevent users from sending bulk messages beyond business hours. This feature helps maintain professional communication boundaries and ensures that recipients receive messages at appropriate times.

  8. Sequence Reenrollment - Transfer contacts between sequences

    Sequence Reenrollment allows you to move contacts from one sequence to another. Remember, each contact can be in only one sequence at a time.

  9. Show Task Status Logs - Control visibility of task status changes

    You can choose to display or hide task status changes in the inbox. By default, users see all changes, such as "Open to Pending by System." If you disable this option, these logs will be hidden. Admins have control over this setting.

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