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Contact Settings

Admins can configure the Contact Settings which applies to all users. Navigate to Account > Contact Settings.

  • Appointment Recipients

    • When a new appointment is created on Aloware, we will send a copy of an appointment via email to the list of recipients defined here.

  • Lead Recipients

    • Aloware can send a lead it receives via our API, email processor, or other methods to an email address.

  • Default Contact Date Filter

    • Select how the Contacts page should be sorted

      • Engagement

      • Created At

  • SMS reminder default text

    • Provide a template for your users to remind your contact of an appointment

  • New Lead Settings

    • Default - Existing contact re-added to the platform will be treated as new leads. Contacts will be ignored or updated (if they come from an intake API)

  • Reject and Archive Communications from Blocked Contacts

    • By default, the application doesn't route communications from blocked contacts but they still show up in logs and reports

    • By enabling this setting, the application rejects, and archives communication from blocked contacts on the platform. These communications won't appear in call logs or reports

  • "Mark All Contacts as Read" Option

    • Give any Agent or Admin the ability to "Mark All Contacts as Read" on the Contacts Page

  • Prevent Messaging to Non-TCPA Approved Contacts Option

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