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In Aloware, the Contact Settings feature is a powerful tool for efficiently managing your appointments, leads, and contacts. In this article, we'll explore the various options within Contact Settings and how to use them effectively.

Contact Settings

As an admin, you can configure Contact Settings that apply to all users. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Account > Contact Settings.

    1. Appointment Recipients - Specify users who should receive email copies of all appointments created in Aloware.

      Sample Appointment Email Notification

    2. Lead Recipients - Set up Aloware to forward leads received through API, email processor, or other methods to an email address of your choice.

    3. Default Contact Date Filter - Sort your contacts by engagement or creation date.

      Sample screenshot of Contact date filtered by Engagement

      Sample screenshot of Contact date filtered by Created At

    4. Auto Assign Contact - Assign contacts automatically.

    5. SMS Reminder Functions

      1. SMS Reminder Enabled - This setting indicates whether SMS reminders are turned on.

      2. SMS reminder default text - Create a default message to send as appointment reminders to your contacts.

      3. SMS reminder use personal line

        When enabled and the user does not have a personal line, the system will automatically insert an active number in the 'Send From' field while adding an appointment.

        If the user already has a personal line assigned, the 'Send From' field will remain unchanged in the Add Appointment modal.

        If disabled, admin can assign an active line intended for appointment setting in the SMS reminder default line field.

      4. SMS reminder default time - Specify the time for sending appointment reminder messages to your contacts.

      5. SMS reminder default send before days - Define the number of days before an appointment when the reminder message should be sent.

        To see how these settings work:

        1. Access Aloware Talk.

        2. Select a contact from the Communications Inbox.

        3. On the right panel, you'll find the contact's profile.

        4. Click the "Appointment" menu to start creating an appointment.

        5. The details you've set in Account settings will automatically appear as the default settings in the Add Appointment modal.

  2. New Lead Settings - Treat re-added existing contacts as new leads for tracking purposes.

    1. Default - Existing contact re-added to the platform will be treated as new leads. Contacts will be ignored or updated (if they come from an intake API)

    2. Treat existing contacts re-added to the platform as new leads - If any existing contacts are re-added to Aloware through one of the following methods, they will be considered new leads:

      • Zapier

      • Webhook (API)

      • ADF/XML (email)

      • Webform (API)

      • Facebook LeadGen Form

  3. Reject and Archive Communications from Blocked Contacts - Prevent communications from blocked contacts from appearing in call logs or reports.

  4. "Mark All Contacts as Read" Option - Easily mark all contacts as read on the Contacts page to clear unread contacts at once.

  5. Prevent Messaging to Non-TCPA Approved Contacts Option - Avoid messaging contacts that are not TCPA approved.

    Go to Account > Contact Settings and enable the "Prevent Messaging to Non-TCPA Approved Contacts' Option." Read more about enabling the TCPA option.

With Contact Settings in Aloware, managing your appointments, leads, and contacts becomes straightforward. Customize your Aloware experience using these options to align with your preferences and needs.

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