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Calling Settings

Only admins can set up calling settings that apply to all users. Navigate to Account > Calling Settings.

  • User Status

    • Force Users to Always Available

      • By default, Aloware sets all users' statuses to "Offline" after they log in or have 5 minutes of app inactivity. Enabling this status disallows every user to set their status to "Busy/Break". But users can receive an inbound call until they log out. Admins can still change the agent's status from the Wallboard.

  • Wrap Up

    • Wrap Up Duration

      • This is the time spent by a user doing after-call work (ACW) once they have concluded an interaction with the customer. Users can override this setting in their profile.

    • Force Wrap-Up Settings

      • Forcing the wrap-up duration on users. Users cannot override these settings.

  • Call Recordings

    • Inbound Call Recordings

      • Force call recording across all incoming lines. Each line has this setting specified by default.

    • Outbound Call Recordings

      • This setting compels Aloware to record each agent's outbound calls. Users can configure this by default.

    • Force Outbound Call Recordings Settings

      • Enabling this option prevents users from overriding call recording settings.

  • Lines

    • Default Outbound Line

      • Pick an outbound line to use for your calls. Users may also have access to this option through their profiles.

    • Force Outbound Line Settings

      • By selecting this option, users won't be able to alter these settings.

  • Dispositions

    • Force Call Disposition (Beta)

      • Enabling this option, the wrap-up timer will be stopped, the back button, the callback, and the agent status dropdown will all be locked, and these features will remain in place until the agent sets the call status.

        Screenshot of disabled buttons after a call:

    • Force Contact Disposition (Beta)

      • Enabling this option, the wrap-up timer will paused, back button, callback, and agent status dropdown will be locked until the agent disposes of the contact.

        Sample screenshot:

  • Other Call Settings

    • Hold Music

      • Here you can customize the hold music for the entire account. Leave blank to use out default hold music.

    • Call Recording Channels

      • Enabling dual-channel recording for calls

    • Call Masking

      • Aloware's caller ID masking enables you to use the lead number as the caller ID for all transfers. Callers can only see the default phone number, which you can set as the caller mask and not the actual phone number.

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