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Power Dialer Settings Tab

Aloware's power dialer helps you call a list of contacts one by one without the need to look for the phone number or enter the phone number manually. This optimizes the calling process, making it more focused, efficient, and productive.


  • Only Admins can setup your account's power dialer settings

Power Dialer Settings

  • Default PowerDialer Line

    • For your calls using PowerDialer, select a line (Caller ID). On their PowerDialer, the agents may also pick this option.

  • Master Control

    • By selecting this option, the PowerDialer of the agents will only allow admins to add/clear tasks.

  • Remove Manually Dialed Contacts

    • To prevent duplicate calls, Aloware automatically removes any contacts from the PowerDialer list who are manually phoned elsewhere on the platform.

  • Power Dialer Triggers

    • Here you can define triggers for the PowerDialer calls.

      • Add Call Trigger

        • Apply tags to communication

        • Apply tags to contact

        • Remove tags from the contact

        • Enroll to Sequence

        • Dispose of Contact

        • Remove task tag from a contact

      • Call Disposition Trigger

        • Actions

          • Apply tags to contact

          • Remove tags from the contact

          • Remove task tag from a contact

          • Enroll in a sequence

  • Power Dialer Session Settings

    • Create Company Session Settings for Aloware Talk agents that utilize the PowerDialer.

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