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How to Import Contacts from Accounts Menu

  • Navigate to Account menu > Imports tab

  • Select between the Contacts or Ring Groups tabs to Import > Click the Import Contact button

  • Tick DNC (Do Not Call) Agreement before importing, then click the "Next Step" button

    • You may "Download Contacts Templates" if you do not have a clean list yet

  • After updating the downloaded template, you may now Upload your Contacts

  • Click the "Upload from Computer" button; this will display your imported list of contacts

  • Aloware will fetch the first 10 rows in your file, you can assign each column to its appropriate property. Then, click the "Next Step" button

  • Once you are done reviewing your list of contacts, click the "Next Step" button

  • Import Settings

    • DNC (Do Not Call)

      • In Settings, you can assign contacts in DNC (Do Not Call) state

        Please take note that when an agent marks the contact as DNC, this cannot be undone.

        DNC prevents the contact from being enrolled in the Automation sequence, Broadcasts, and Power Dialer. However, you can manually call or text the contact.

    • Update Existing Contact

      • Ticking the box will override the original contact data with the latest imported list

    • Save Unknown Columns

      • Selecting this option will save unknown columns to notes

    • Multiple contacts for each phone number

      • By default, contacts with multiple phone numbers are separated in a comma. Clicking this option will separate each contact's phone number from a new contact.

    • Line

      • You may also assign the line to import these contacts

    • Assign Contacts to

      • You may also assign the leads to an agent or to a ring group

    • Sequence (optional)

      • You can assign a sequence that you want these contacts to

    • Tags (optional)

      • Select tags that you want to assign to the contacts (optional). Aloware creates a tag based on the date and time when you import your contacts. This tag will be visible on the Contacts page and you can search filter, or sort using this tag. Best of all, the tag enables you to send a bulk SMS blast to this very list right away.

    • Split Tag

      • Splitting tags into smaller tags will create new tags accordingly

  • Start Import

    • After completing the settings, click the Start Import button

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