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Aloware Scripts

Aloware scripts are a handy tool that helps agents during phone discussions. When you use scripts, you can guide your agents on

  • how to answer questions about your products

  • how to deal with objections, and

  • how to answer phone calls without missing any important details

    Screenshot of a script function in a phone call


  • Only Admins can add scripts in Aloware Admin

How to Add Scripts in the Account Menu

  • Navigate to Account menu > Scripts tab

  • Click the +New Script button

  • Name your script that your team can easily understand

  • In the Text Body, add your script and variables

  • Once done, click the Save button

How to Edit Scripts

  • Click the Edit button and start your editing

  • Edit your script > click the Save button once done

How to Delete Scripts

  • Click the Archive button to delete your scripts

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