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Sending Automated SMS to Enrolled Contacts in Aloware Sequence
Sending Automated SMS to Enrolled Contacts in Aloware Sequence
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Sending Automated SMS to Enrolled Contacts

The main reason why you should send your clients automated SMS messages:

  • 70% of mobile phone users read their texts within five minutes of opening them, and 90% do so within thirty minutes

But you don't have to spend the entire day sitting down and sending texts to everyone in your contacts. To save time, and effort, you can now send automated SMS text messages using Aloware Sequence.

Aloware Sequence allows you to

  • Set automated text messages which save you from writing out every message

  • Enroll your contacts either from a group list or based on dispositions


  • Only Admins can set up your Aloware Sequence.

Step 1: Setting up your Sequence

  • In your Aloware admin account, navigate to the Sequence+ menu.

  • Click the +New Sequence button to create a new one.

  • The New Sequence wizard allows you to set up the details of your sequence.

  • Once done, click the Save & Continue button.

  • Click the +Add Step button to set your sequence initial action.

  • Select the "Send SMS Message" sequence step type to send an automated text message to the enrolled contact.

  • Set the following from the Send SMS Message option:

    • Delay

      • No delay - proceeding with the step without delay.

      • Default Delay - assigns the time when the text message will send.

      • Time of Day - it follows the contact's time zone.

      • Send an SMS message before the call - this needs a customer response prior to calling.

    • Text Message - set a templated message to send to customers from 160 to 1600 characters.

    • Use contact owner's personal line - selecting the line to use as default to send a message.

  • Once done, click the Add Step button.

  • Your sequence should look like this.

Step 2: Enrolling Contacts

In adding contacts, you can populate the list by selecting from the existing contacts or using triggers to enroll contacts.

Enrolling via the Contacts tab

  • Navigate to the Contacts tab, and click the +Enroll Contacts

  • Select the group of contacts to enroll

    • Contact Group - select from By Line or By Tag

    • Single Contact - enroll manually a single contact in the sequence


  • Enrolled contacts from another sequence are not added to this sequence

  • DNC status contact is not added to the list

  • It takes time to enroll contact groups with thousands of contacts

  • Click the +Enroll Contacts to populate the list

  • The list of contacts populate in the Enrolled Contacts tab

Enrolling via Trigger

Step 3: Activate your Sequence

  • Toggle the sequence status to activate

  • Click Yes.

  • Your sequence is activated.

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