Enabling MMS for Long SMS Messages from Aloware Lines
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Why Sending Long SMS is Beneficial to your Business?

A regular text message can include 160 characters only. If you are running bulk messages, this limit is not enough to share more details or even the URLs.

Aloware now supports sending long SMS with MMS, where you can

  • send messages up to 1600 characters without splitting them into 2-3 messages

  • include URLs or links in your SMS for forms, promos, or sign-ups

  • leverage the power of texting with more information to your customers


  • Only Admins can enable send long text message feature


  • Applicable to Short Code, Toll-Free, and A2P 10DLC sender types and accessible in the US and Canada.

Enabling Send Long Text Messages as MMS

There are two (2) ways to enable sending long text messages as MMS in Aloware:

Enabling from Lines

  • In your Aloware admin account, navigate to Lines

  • Select a Line and click Settings

  • In the General tab, toggle on the option to Send long text messages as MMS

  • Click the Save button to update the user settings

  • You can now send long SMS from the enabled line

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