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Filtering Call Data in Aloware Dashboard

Users can filter more data points to narrow down reports.

  • Navigate to the Dashboard menu > click Filters

Currently, users can filter based on:

  • Handling

    • Direction - either inbound or outbound

    • Answer Status - displays data depending on the answer status

    • Talk Time - displays communications based on the total talk time

    • Type - displays the communication type (call, text message, email, fax)

    • Transfer Type - either cold transfer, warm transfer, or conference

    • Callback Status - either initiated or requested

  • Properties

    • Tag - displays all contacts on the selected tag

    • Call Disposition - displays all contacts with matched call disposition

    • Not Disposed - displays all contacts that were not disposed of properly and uses them as contacts again.

    • First-time Conversations - enable to display of first-time leads

    • Untagged Conversations - enable to display of untagged conversations

    • Exclude automated communications

    • Creator Type - displays what initiated the communication

  • Attribution

    • Lines

    • Users

    • Ring Groups

    • Numbers

    • Sequences

    • Broadcasts

Saving Filters

  • To save your filters, click the Save Filters button > click Save Filter beside the My Filters

  • A Create a New Filter wizard displays > name your filter

  • Click the Save button once done

Active Filters

Active filters that are currently implemented display the current data.

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