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Communication Logs

The Aloware Communication logs section in Aloware Dashboard displays all communications made individually. Users can add more details to the table.

Screenshot of Communication Logs

Default Data Column fields

  • By default, columns display the following information:

    • Number - contact's phone number

    • Start Time - displays the date and start time of the call

    • Talk Time (for SMS)

      • Sent

      • Delivered

      • Failed

    • Contact Owner - these are users in Aloware who are responsible for the specific contact

    • User - displays the person who had made the communication activity, e.g., sent an SMS, made a call, etc.

    • Tags - displays the associated tag of the contact

Adding Other Data Columns

Users can add more details to the table by clicking the Table Settings and selecting relevant data points.

  • Owner - displays the contact owner

  • Ring Group - displays the contact ring group where it is enrolled

  • Sequence - displays the sequence where the contact is enrolled

  • Broadcast - displays the broadcast where the contact is enrolled

  • Duration - displays the call duration of every call

  • Resolution

  • Wait time - logs the duration of the contact's wait time

  • Location - displays the contact's location

  • Lines - displays the line used in the call

  • Attempting - identifies the user that an inbound call is trying to reach, usually in a Ring Group

  • Transferred From - Logs where the call was before transferring

  • Cold Transferred? - Yes or No if the call is cold transferred

  • Transfer Type - identifies if the call is warm or cold transferred

  • Callback Status

  • Queue Resolution

  • Email - displays the contact's email

  • Creator Type - is a communication property that displays what initiated the communication

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