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Managing Your Calendar in Aloware Talk
Organize Your Schedule with Aloware Talk Calendar Filters
Organize Your Schedule with Aloware Talk Calendar Filters
Aloware Calendar lets you filter out events and focus on your tasks. This article explains the Aloware Calendar Filters.
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The Aloware Calendar displays all events, including reminders and appointments set by others. Filters let you exclude events you don’t need and focus on tasks without distractions.

The Aloware Calendar Filters

  1. To access the Calendar Filters, click Filter at the top right of the screen.

  2. You can go ahead and configure the filters you would like to apply.

    1. Appointment/remainder status:

      1. Canceled Appointment - this means the appointment will not take place.

      2. Appointment Set - means that the appointment will occur on a particular date.

      3. Appointment Completed - this means the appointment has concluded.

      4. Completed Reminder - this means the reminder has concluded.

      5. Canceled Reminder - this means the reminder will not take place.

      6. Pending Reminder - this means that the reminder is still pending.

  3. Once ready, click Apply Filters.

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