Timezone Management in Aloware Talk Contacts

You will now be able to arrange contact lists based on their time zones. This article is about Timezone Arrangement in Aloware Talk.

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You can view the latest engagements, tags, and communications on the contacts page. This page lets you Filter and sort data to help you manage vast amounts of information. On top of that, recent improvements on the contact page let you arrange contact via time zones.

What are Contact Filters?

Aloware Talk displays contacts based on the most recent engagement. It shows current information about your contacts in real time. To help you sort such massive data, Aloware Talk lets you use filters to find similar references.

Using contact filters allows you to understand your data better. It lets you focus on a given task, thus improving your efficacy. It uses contact attributes to filter out data.

What are Contact Attributes?

Attributes are the characteristics or properties that make up a contact. Filters work by grouping together similar attributes and excluding the rest. Timezone and country are perfect examples of contact attributes.

Timezone Arrangement in Aloware Talk

With the recent Aloware Talk updates, you can now arrange your contact lists based on the Timezone as an attribute. Now, country, state, and timezone filters have a pre-defined selection list of options. On top of that, the timezone column is now sortable.

Filter Contacts Using Timezone

  1. Please log in to your Aloware Talk account to filter contacts using a timezone.

  2. Once logged in, go to the Contact page.

  3. Click Filter to access the filter panel.

  4. Click + Add a Filter on the filter panel and select Timezone as the attribute.

  5. Under Timezone, choose a criterion and click Apply Filter.

Other attributes, such as state and country, can also be used to filter your contacts.

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