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The Aloware scripts simplify customer service and sales calls. This article explains how to use scripts during a call.

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What are Scripts?

Aloware scripts help agents during phone conversations. They allow for more effective customer service and faster sales calls. With scripts, you can streamline customer service and sales calls.

How to use Scripts?

Before anything else, please ensure that you have a working script saved on Aloware Classic. Please take a look at this article on how to create scripts.

Aloware scripts work whether you are making or answering a call. To use a script:

  1. Make an outbound or answer an inbound call.

  2. On the dialer, click More.

  3. Under More, click Scripts.

  4. Select the Script you would like to choose for the call.

  5. Once you’ve selected the Script, follow it throughout the call.

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