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How to Add a Zoho Custom View to Aloware Power Dialer
How to Add a Zoho Custom View to Aloware Power Dialer

You can access and call Zoho contacts using Aloware Power Dialer. This article is about Adding a Zoho Custom View To Aloware Power Dialer.

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Adding a Zoho Custom View to Aloware Power Dialer

Aloware lets you combine the functionality of Zoho CRM and the Aloware Power Dialer. This integration allows you to access and call your Zoho contacts within the Aloware Power Dialer. You can manage and track your contact information, all within the same interface they use to make calls.

By integrating Zoho into Aloware, you can streamline your process of managing customer data and making calls, making it more efficient and convenient. It eliminates the need to switch between different platforms to access customer information and make calls, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.


  • Integrated Aloware and Zoho accounts

Please check our Authenticating Zoho with Aloware For Admins article for more information.

How to Add Zoho View to Aloware Power Dialer

  1. Log in to Aloware Classic and go to Power Dialer.

  2. Go to Add Task to display the Add Task window.

  3. From there, go to Integrations and select a Zoho Custom View.

  4. Once you are satisfied with the settings, click Add Contacts.

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