Bulk Importing Ring Groups in Aloware Admin
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Importing Bulk Ring Groups

Aloware provides an option to import your ring groups in bulk through CSV file. This can help you to

  • save time and efficiency because it saves significant amount of time and effort when you create ring groups one by one.

  • ensure that all ring groups are configured uniformly without discrepancies which may occur during manual setup.

  • scale your call routing and call management capabilities especially when you manage a large number of ring groups with multiple departments or teams.

How to Import Ring Groups in Bulk

  • Navigate to the Ring Groups menu.

  • On the upper right corner, click the Import Ring Group button.

  • The Import Ring Group Wizard displays.

    • Step 1: Setup your settings

      • Under the Choose or create a Ring Group, select "Create new Ring Group".

      • Name - give a name to your ring group that is easily understood

      • Description - (optional) provide a short description of your ring group

      • Click the Download Ring Groups Template

        • Your template looks like this

          • Email - (required) provide your user emails to include in the ring group

          • Layer - assign the user to what layer will he receive the call

    • Step 2: Select Columns

      • Assign the right column header.

      • Click the Start Import button.

    • Step 3: Finish

      • Click the Accounts menu > Ring Groups tab button to check the status

        • Screenshot of ring group import status in Accounts menu


Your ring group displays in the list of ring groups from its menu.

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