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Aloware and Google Calendar Integration: A Complete Guide to Syncing Your Schedules
Aloware and Google Calendar Integration: A Complete Guide to Syncing Your Schedules
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Aloware and Google Calendar Integration

Aloware supports two-way syncing of your appointments between Aloware calendar and Google calendar. With this new feature, as an admin you can

  • reduce duplicated efforts and minimize the risk of scheduling conflicts

  • stay organized on top of your schedules, keep track of important deadlines and event

  • overview your team's schedule

Learn how to link Aloware and Google Calendar in this post.


  • Only admins can integrate Google Calendar to Aloware Calendar.

How to Authenticate Google Calendar to Aloware

  • Navigate to Integrations menu, click Settings in the Google Calendar card.

    Google Integration with Aloware
  • Click Sync with Google to redirect you to Google for authentication.

    Google Integration with Aloware
  • Select from your Google accounts.

    Google Integration with Aloware
  • Click the Allow button to authenticate.

    Google Integration with Aloware

Configuring your Integration Settings

  • General

    • If the account is at its first sync, click the Re-Sync with Google.

      Google Integration with Aloware
  • Google Calendar Settings

    • Synced Calendar

      • Select the from the list of Calendar to sync Aloware events.

        Google Integration with Aloware

    • Calendar Timezone

      • this field displays the timezone that the calendar follows.

        Google Integration with Aloware
    • Manual Sync

      • Sync Calendar

        • Use Push calendar to see your upcoming Aloware Calendar Events and Appointments in Google Calendar.
          Use Pull calendar to see all your upcoming Google Calendar Events within Aloware Calendar.

          Google Integration with Aloware
      • Watch Google Calendar

        • Use start watching to let Aloware know when an event is added in your Google Calendar from now on.
          Use stop watching to stop adding events created in you Google Calendar.

          Google Integration with Aloware
        • Click Save.


  • Two-way syncing of events

    • From Aloware

    • From Google Calendar

      ๐Ÿ—’๏ธNote - When adding an event from your Google Calendar, you must include at least one Aloware user.

    • Synced Event

      • To display events, make sure to select the calendar synced with Aloware.

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