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Understanding and Fixing Common Dialer Errors in Aloware: A Comprehensive Guide
Understanding and Fixing Common Dialer Errors in Aloware: A Comprehensive Guide
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When using Aloware, it's important to be aware of the common dialer errors that can occur and know how to troubleshoot them effectively.

In this article, we will present a list of common dialer errors encountered in Aloware, arranged chronologically, along with their respective solutions. By familiarizing yourself with these errors and their resolutions, you'll be better equipped to address any issues that may arise during your Aloware usage.

Common Dialer Errors in Aloware




Error 21611

Exceeded message queue limit for a number.

Slow down sending rate or use a Messaging Service.

Error 21612

The destination phone number is not a valid number.

Verify the accuracy and validity of the number, ensuring there are no errors or typos in its entry.

Error 21614

The contact phone number is not a valid mobile number.

To resolve this error, you should ensure that you are using a valid mobile number for the contact.

Error 30007

Message Filtered: Message violated carrier guidelines.

Review and modify message content to comply with carrier rules.

Error 30022

Exceeded carrier's maximum message rate.

Slow down message rate or adjust campaign settings.

Error 30023

Reached maximum message limit for the day.

Wait until the next day to send more messages.

Error 30027

Exceeded T-Mobile's daily messaging limit based on Trust Score.

The limit is applied at the brand level and is calculated based on the sum of outbound SMS segments and MMS messages in a 24-hour period, resetting every midnight (Pacific US Time).

Check trust score and adjust messaging volume accordingly.

The message limits are as follows based on the Trust Score:

  • Trust Score 75-100: 200,000 SMS segments + MMS per day

  • Trust Score 50-74: 40,000 SMS segments + MMS per day

  • Trust Score 25-49: 10,000 SMS segments + MMS per day

  • Trust Score 1-24: 2,000 SMS segments + MMS per day

Error 30034

You are sending messages to the US from an unapproved US 10DLC number.

Link your US 10DLC number to an authorized A2P campaign. Here is the guide on how to register to A2P 10DLC.

Error 31000

General communication framework issue.

Contact support for assistance.

Error 31003 or 53405

Connection timeout during a call.

Contact support for assistance.

Error 31005

Network connectivity or hostname resolution issue.

Check internet connection and network settings.

Error 31009

No available channels or methods for messaging during a call.

Check internet connection and account settings.

Error 31201 or 31402

Generic unknown error during a call.

Cause can vary.

Error 31204

Invalid JWT token.

Contact support for assistance.

Error 31205

Expired JWT token.

Try logging out and logging back in.

Error 9221

Issue connecting to insights feature.

Contact support for assistance.

By being aware of these common dialer errors and their respective solutions, you can proactively troubleshoot and resolve issues that may arise while using Aloware. This will help ensure smooth operation and maximize the efficiency of your communication activities within the platform.

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