SMTP Authentication with Aloware
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What is SMTP?

SMTP, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a commonly used protocol for sending and receiving emails on the internet.

This protocol operates based on a client-server structure and is responsible for transporting email messages between a mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, and a mail server. Once the email reaches the mail server, it uses other protocols such as IMAP or POP3 to store the email message and allow the mail client to access it.

What is SMTP authentication to Aloware?

Aloware’s simple email setup that allows outbound email from the platform.

How does it work?

  • Each Aloware account can connect to one email address like Gmail

  • After the credentials are typed in, email is enabled in Aloware Talk

  • Emails will then be from the address set up in the SMTP

What are the limitations?

  • Only 1 email addresses can connect to a single Aloware account

  • Aloware does not support inbound email

  • Replies will go to the Email in SMTP


  • Generally, only Admins can configure the SMTP settings in Aloware Classic.

  • For Gmail SMTP - you should enable the 2-Step-Verification in your Google account and create an app password to authenticate it to Aloware SMTP integration.

    • Sample screenshot of generating an app password:

How to Authenticate SMTP to Aloware

  • Navigate to the Integrations menu.

  • Go to the SMTP Card, click the Settings button.

  • In the SMTP Integration Settings page, provide the following:

    • General

      • Server address - the default SMTP server is

      • Port - the SMTP port is an endpoint used to transmit emails across the internet

        • The secure SMTP ports are

          • TLS - 587 (required)

          • SSL - 465 (required)

      • Encryption Type - TSL or SSL

      • Sender Address - your business email address that reflects the "From" in recipient's email (e.g.

      • Sender Name - the business name displayed in the inboxes of your recipients (e.g. Aloware Dev)

    • Credentials

      • Username - your email address (e.g.

      • Password - your email password

  • Once set, click the Test & Save button


Now that you have successfully integrated your SMTP with Aloware, it's time to test your outbound email setting:

  • Send an Email to Contact

    • Select a contact to send an email to from the Contacts menu.

      • You can add your personal email and other details for testing purposes.

    • Check that the contact has an email address in the field.

    • Click the Email tab to send email

    • After entering your email subject and message body, click Send.

  • Check to see if the message was delivered

    • Message sent to the recipient's email address.

    • Details are as follows:

  • Email Logs

    • Aloware keeps track of communication history.

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