How to Setup Local Presence Line in Aloware
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Setting up a Local Presence in Aloware

Setting up a local presence in Aloware is a strategic move for your business to expand operations and connect with customers in the US, UK and Canada. Aloware offers the ability to establish a local presence line.

In this article, we will look at the steps involved in setting up a local presence line in Aloware.


  • Only admins can setup a local presence line.

How to Setup a Local Presence Line in Aloware

  1. In your Aloware Admin account, navigate to the Lines menu > click the +Add Local Presence button.

  2. The Local Presence Wizard appears that requires you to provide for the following information:

    • Select from the following regions:

      1. United States

        • Local Presence Nationwide (US)

        • Local Presence Major Cities (US)

      2. United Kingdom

        • Local Presence Nationwide (GB)

      3. Canada

        • Local Presence Nationwide (CA)

  3. Once you are done selecting the region and payment mode, click the Next button to proceed to confirmation.

  4. Click the Confirm button to purchase a local presence package. It will populate a list of numbers.

  5. Your newly purchased local presence package should appear in your Lines Dashboard.

How to Check the Lines in the Local Presence Package

  1. Navigate to your Local Presence line in the Lines menu > click Settings.

  2. In the General tab, navigate to the Phone Numbers section, and see all the listed phone numbers of your selected region.

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