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When an agent ends a call, it is important to log the outcome status and if the contact moves forward in the sales process. Call Disposition allows the agent to record accurate assessments.

How to Set a Call Disposition

  1. Log in to your Aloware Talk account.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Contact page.

  3. On the Contact page, select the contact you want to call.

  4. Once you finish the call, select the status of the call under Call Dispositions. You can also set the call disposition during the wrap-up.

    1. Busy: When you call someone and hear a busy tone or message, it means that the person you are trying to reach is currently on another call or their phone line is engaged.

    2. Connected: When you hear a ringing tone, and the call is answered, you are connected to the person you called and can speak with them.

    3. Left live message: You leave a message for someone by speaking directly to their voicemail system. The recipient will hear your voice message when they check their voicemail.

    4. Left voicemail: You left a message for someone in their voicemail box. Voicemail is a system that allows people to receive and listen to recorded messages when they cannot answer their phones.

    5. No answer: When you call someone, and there is no response, it means the person you are trying to reach did not answer. This could be because they are busy, their phone is turned off, or they need to be in the range of a cellular network.

    6. Wrong number: This means you dialed incorrectly, or it is no longer in use.

  5. When satisfied, click Finish.

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