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Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up an IVR Directory in Aloware
Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up an IVR Directory in Aloware
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology has been an instrumental tool in transforming the landscape of customer service. Through advanced telecommunication features, it automates interactions with callers, effectively reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

This guide will walk you through the process of creating an IVR directory in Aloware, enabling you to provide a streamlined, efficient, and personalized customer service experience.

How to Create an IVR Directory

  1. In your Aloware Admin account, navigate to the Lines menu.

  2. You can add or create a new Line, or select from the available Lines. After selecting a line, click the "Settings" button.

  3. Go to the Routing & IVR tab to manage how incoming calls get routed and how your IVR operates.

  4. Toggle on the "An IVR" option and then click "Create". This will begin the process of creating a new IVR directory for the selected line.

  5. Provide the necessary details:

    • IVR Name - Give your IVR directory a unique name that clearly represents its purpose, making it easily identifiable for future use.

    • Text to Speech - Provide your IVR prompt.

      "Hello and thank you for calling Aloware! Please listen to the following options: Press 1 for Sales. Press 2 for Customer Support. Press 3 for Billing. Press 0 to speak to an operator. Press 9 to repeat this message."

    • Play Recording - Either press to record your voice directly or upload a pre-recorded message in MP3/WAV format (up to 3mb). After uploading, select the audio file to use in this IVR.

      Remember: the IVR file can be utilized across all accounts.

    • Text Messaging Ring Group - Assign a ring group for text messaging.

    • IVR Menu Options - Include the option to Listen for Extensions, connecting callers when they enter a specific extension.

      • IVR Options - Set an action to proceed when the caller presses a key:

        • Enroll to the Sequence

        • Hang up call

        • Play extension directory

        • Replay IVR prompt

        • Route to another IVR

        • Route to other line

        • Route to ring group

        • Route to user

        • Send to voicemail

        • Set to DNC and hang up call

      • You can also assign tags to calls.

    • IVR Exit - Define an action in case the caller doesn't enter anything:

      • Hang up call

      • Replay IVR prompt

      • Route to other line

      • Route to ring group

      • Route to user

      • Send to voicemail

      • Again, you have the option to associate tags to calls.

  6. Click the Create button once you filled out all necessary fields.

Now you can assign IVR prompt in the Routing & IVR menu:

Your new IVR directory is now ready for action. Creating an IVR directory in Aloware is not just straightforward, it's a critical step in improving customer service. With a well-organized IVR, you ensure callers get the right assistance, bolstering their satisfaction and your business's reputation.

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