Frequently Asked Questions: Tags
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Welcome to Aloware Tags FAQs!

Get ready to explore the world of precise contact organization with Aloware Tags. In this section, we'll give you a thorough understanding of how Aloware's tag-based system works. Whether you're learning how to categorize contacts, create dynamic groups, or use contact insights effectively, you're about to learn how to manage your contacts in a more powerful way.

Learn how to clean up your contact list, improve interactions with specific groups, and make the most of your client relationships. This resource will guide you through the details of Aloware's tag-focused contact management, helping you make better decisions and get more value from handling your contacts.

Let's jump in and start changing the way you think about and use contact management in Aloware!

What is the difference between contact and communication tags?

Contact tags are labels that you can assign to leads or contacts to help you organize them based on different criteria.

Communication tags are used to label specific interactions or communications with your contacts. These help you keep track of the history and context of your communications.

How do I know the number of contacts in the tag?

  1. Go to the Tags menu, Contact tags is by default displayed in the page.

  2. Check the # of Contacts column that shows the number of leads associated to the tag.

Can I sort the data fields in the tags page?

Yes. Hover your mouse to the column header and click the ascending/ descending arrow to sort the data.

How can I search for a specific tag name?

Use the search field to search for ID or specific tag name.

How can I edit the tag names?

Click the pen tool to edit the tag names, color, description.

Where can I filter the contact tags?

You can filter the contact tags in the Aloware Admin > Contacts menu > Filter > Tag.

Where can I filter the communication tags?

You can filter the communication tags in the Aloware Admin ? Dashboard > Filter > Tag.

How can I see the contacts listed in the tag?

Click the redirect icon under the Actions column.

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