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Welcome to the Account Menu FAQs!

Welcome to the FAQs for Aloware's Account Menu! One of the central hubs for configuring your Aloware experience is the Account Menu.

In this section, we'll address common questions and provide clear, concise answers to help you make the most of Aloware's Account Menu settings. Whether you're an admin or a user, these FAQs will help you manage your account and make the most of Aloware for better communication.

General Settings

What does Aloware's Account Menu do?

The Account menu in Aloware lets you change important settings that affect how you use the program. These settings apply to everyone in your organization.

Who can change General Settings in Aloware?

Admins can customize General Settings, and these changes affect all users.

How do I access General Settings in Aloware?

To get to General Settings, go to Account > General Settings.

Why should I give my Aloware account a name?

Naming your Aloware account is essential for clear identification, especially when multiple users are involved.

What happens when I change my account's timezone in Aloware?

Changing the timezone makes sure that Aloware features like broadcasts, sequences, and the power dialer work in t he correct time zone, which keeps things synchronized.

Can I choose my preferred homepage in Aloware?

Yes, admins can set the homepage for all users, so they start with either the Dashboard or Contacts for better efficiency.

What does the "Private Lines" setting do in Aloware?

Turning on "Private Lines" stops users from seeing other users' personal lines, keeping things private and confidential.

Where does the "Private Lines" setting apply in Aloware?

In Aloware Talk, you can observe the impact of "Private Lines." It prevents a user from using a line assigned to someone else for calls or sending SMS messages. When admin users activate "Private Lines," they ensure that personal lines remain private and are exclusively accessible to the person they are designated for.

For instance, if your account has 10 active lines,

with "Private Lines" enabled, a user in Aloware Talk will only be able to see and use of these 6 lines.

How does Aloware handle long text messages?

Aloware automatically turns messages longer than 160 characters into MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) to prevent them from breaking up and ensure they get sent correctly.

How can I choose whether to see task status changes in my inbox?

You can decide to show or hide task status changes in your inbox. By default, users see all changes, but admins can turn this off to hide them.

Sample task status displayed in Aloware Talk

Contact Settings

What are Aloware Contact Settings, and who can configure them?

Aloware Contact Settings are tools for managing appointments, leads, and contacts efficiently. Admins can configure these settings for all users.

How can I access Contact Settings in Aloware?

To access Contact Settings: Navigate to Account > Contact Settings.

What is the purpose of the "Appointment Recipients" feature?

This feature allows you to specify users who should receive email copies of all appointments created in Aloware.

How can I set up lead forwarding using "Lead Recipients"?

You can forward leads received through various methods (API, email processor, etc.) to an email address of your choice using the "Lead Recipients" feature.

What does the "Default Contact Date Filter" do?

This feature allows you to sort your contacts by engagement or creation date.

Can contacts be assigned automatically using "Auto Assign Contact"?

Yes, you can assign contacts automatically using this feature.

What are the SMS Reminder Functions in Contact Settings?

  • SMS Reminder Functions include settings for appointment reminders via SMS. These settings are as follows:

    • SMS Reminder Enabled: Indicates whether SMS reminders are turned on.

    • SMS reminder default text: Allows you to create a default message for appointment reminders.

    • SMS reminder use personal line: When enabled, the system automatically inserts an active number in the 'Send From' field when adding an appointment if the user doesn't have a personal line.

    • SMS reminder default time: Specifies the time for sending appointment reminder messages.

    • SMS reminder default send before days: Defines the number of days before an appointment when the reminder message should be sent.

How do I see these settings in action for appointment creation?

To see these settings in action:

  • Access Aloware Talk.

  • Select a contact from the Communications Inbox.

  • On the right panel, you'll find the contact's profile.

  • Click the "Appointment" menu to start creating an appointment.

  • The details you've set in Account settings will automatically appear as the default settings in the Add Appointment modal.

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